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Project Description

This jQuery widget grid can help you to display readonly tabular data.

Try it here.

Main features:

  1. Custom scroll bar allows you to load only records that are going to be displayed, you can use it instead of paging. Touchscreen compatible. You can also use this scroll bar separately from the grid.
  2. With the help of "custom draw" events you can change appearance of almost any grid part. It gives you a possibilities to:
    1. Implement formatting rules based on row/cell data.
    2. Custom text formatting.
    3. Insert your own HTML element(s) into cells according to your rules. For instance, you can display boolean data with radio group.
  3. Rich JavaScript API
  4. Tested under IE8, IE9, Chrome v.23, Firefox v.14, Safari v. 5.1.7 (desktop), Opera 12.12, Safari iOS6, Chrome v.23 iOS6.



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